Oar Island: Vacation Rental on the Beautiful Maine Coast


Oar Island is a private 42 acre ocean island in Maine's beautiful Muscongus Bay. Our affordable rates and convenient location - just 3 hours north of Boston and a 2-minute boat ride from the mainland - make a vacation on Oar Island an easy choice.

Two rental cottages on the whole island, separated by 500 feet of Maine pine forest, assure your peace and privacy. Go fishing and kayaking, swimming and shell-collecting, antiquing and exploring. An Oar Island vacation offers families, couples and friends the chance to rediscover the joy of time spent together.

What our guests are saying about Oar Island

"Wonderful vacation. We started a tradition of breakfast on the rocks outside the Cottage with cold Maine lobster and chardonnay… it was a little early for wine but it made us feel like royalty!"
                                                        Tom S., Michigan                                                       

Such a magical place - and what a beautiful setting for a family vacation. The weather was perfect all week and we couldn't wait to get outside every morning. We also seem to have made friends with the seals - they kept popping up to say hi every time we went out fishing."
                                                          Ann G., Toronto                                                                                                                                            
"An absolutely fantastic stay on Oar Island. Thanks again for having kept this great place the way it is. We are already discussing plans to rent it out again, with a few friends, and take both houses."
                                                      John G., New York                                                                                                                                                  
"It was so relieving to bask, wander, swim, cook, think, read, and laugh - just like the vacations of my childhood. The kids had fun picking mussels from the shore and digging up clams, and we loved the fairy houses. Absolutely perfect."
                                             Giselle R., Pennsylvania


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